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"It’s of course winter here, so the days are shorter and that is a challenge cuz we just have 3 fewer hours." - Claire Danes

"It’s not like winter where I come from. It’s a beautiful, sunny days and the sea is blue… and it’s like a postcard." - Rupert Friend

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Carrie and Quinn in 4x01 "The Drone Queen"


I’m glad you’ve got my back.

Anonymous said: which episodes do you think show quinns feelings toward carrie?


um all of them that he has ever been in? but in all seriousness I’ll make you a list of the major carrie x quinn episodes

  • New Car Smell (2x04) for the epic amount of flirting he does
  • I’ll Fly Away (2x08) for the intense jealousy over carrie/brody sex
  • In Memoriam (2x11) for the way he took care of and supported carrie 
  • The Choice (2x12) spying on carrie and his decision not to shoot brody for her
  • Uh…Oh…Ah” (3x02) his concern for her incarceration 
  • The Yoga Play (3x05) “fucking incredible” scene followed by the sexual tension in their phone call
  • Still Positive (3x06) he was very supportive this episode, he even made her coffee
  • Geronition (3x07) the last scene shows quinn willing to make himself miserable in a jobe he hates to help her specifically 
  • A Red Wheelbarrow (3x08) his hesitation and then horror at shooting her 
  • Goodnight (3x10) the scene in the elevator scene 
  • The Star (3x12) his support of her having the child and being a parent shows he cares about her 


Damn I am going to go insane these next three weeks. WHY CANT HOMELAND START NOW?!?!?

A look at what’s in store for season four of “Homeland.”  http://bit.ly/VarietySubscribe

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Carrie/Quinn scene in "The Star" (unaired take)


Showtime’s (very brief) description for 4x02 "Trylon and Perisphere" :

"An official inquiry brings Carrie back home. Quinn spirals out of control


Mandy Patinkin talks about what’s in-store for Saul in season 4 of Homeland.

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