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Peter Quinn - Let it Rock

Watch in HD. Warning: minor spoilers for season 4 (3 tiny scenes from the trailer/promos. I had to).

Probably not a song one would think of using for a show like Homeland, IDK, but I had it stuck in my head.

Hope you like it, comments are appreciated.

You can also watch directly on youtube.

You're pretty mouthy for an analyst.
"New agent, Peter Quinn, tasked by Estes to run the op, may be covered in new car smell, but he’s sharp and hilarious. Though far more disciplined than Carrie, Peter’s the most Carrie-like of any of the agents we’ve seen, insofar as he is untroubled by decorum." ['New Car Smell' 2x04]

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Homeland - Episode 4.01-4.03 - Titles Revealed

Episode 4.01 - "The Drone Queen"
Episode 4.02 - "Trylon and Perisphere"
Episode 4.03 - "Shalwar Kameez"

Claire Danes & Rupert Friend film Homeland (June 17, 2014)

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New-ish S4 clips.

Homeland | Peter Quinn: Season 4 [x]

Homeland | Peter Quinn: Season 4 [x]

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Homeland season 4 (x)